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Extraordinary Self® Transformation Program: 8 Group Sessions

Extraordinary Self® Transformation Program: 8 Group Sessions

Rediscover Your Extraordinary Self and Awaken the 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future:

  • Exercises to reinforce what you are learning in areas such as:
    • Unshakeable Self Worth
    • Transforming your Self Talk
    • Rediscovering Your Mission
    • Next Step Action Planning
    • Decision Making
    • Relationships
    • Win/Win Solutions
    • Lasting Integration
  • Deep insights to help you understand the reasons for the changes you are making and how to make them stick
  • Proprietary learning tools to empower your new skills in both your inner and outer lives
  • Proprietary interactive visualizations to integrate and anchor your transformation

Choose this course if you wish to increase personal or professional success and satisfaction, achieve goals that will make a breakthrough in your life, and/or to feel high self regard regardless of external feedback.

Lizzie Brayton has been certified by The Extraordinary Self® Program as a Course Coach Facilitator and Guide.

Testimonial from a Summer 2020 Participant:

"This experience is going to move mountains in my life and future.  Liz has such wisdom and insight for her age.  Working with her in particular is what really made it for me.  She is easy to talk to and completely non-judgmental.  She explains things in a way that makes them easy to follow and use in my life.  The visualizations were extremely helpful, and she just has a voice and way of leading them that makes each one calming, useful and deep. The strategies of the program are life changing for your goals and for your life.  It changes your way of thinking so that you can handle the stresses of life as they come up. It sets you up for a different mentality for life.  This program is for your life, your goals, your situation, everything.  And with what everybody is going through, this is the best time for this to be available."


To get to know me, the course concepts, and my approach to them, please check out my recent feature on The Future-Proof Career Podcast with Valerie Zaric:

It means the world to me to have you here.  So glad our paths have crossed, and I'm looking so forward to our extraordinary journey together.

- Lizzie


  • 8 Group Sessions: Interactive, incremental, deeply transformative exercises, visualizations, and dialogue led by Lizzie
  • Transformational Practice Activities in between
  • Private Facebook Group to access replays and interactive member support

Zoom Sessions Schedule:

TBD: Contact to discuss

*Time is built into Sessions 2-8 for review/practice of the previous session; however, If you are unable to attend the week’s Zoom session, it would be most valuable to complete the week’s activities prior to the following session, either by viewing the free Zoom replay in our private Facebook Group or in a privately rescheduled session.  (Rescheduled sessions are by appointment and based on availability, and are currently billed at the flat rate of $100 for the rescheduled session.)


  • Join our Extraordinary Group by 9/25: $484
  • Join by 9/26-9/30: $534

8 Modules

Extraordinary Self Transformation Program: Session 1

Develop Unshakeable Self Worth...

Extraordinary Self Transformation Program: Session 2

Transforming your self talk...

Extraordinary Self Transformation Program: Session 3

Rediscovering your mission...

Extraordinary Self Transformation Program: Session 4

Next Step Action Planning...

Extraordinary Self Transformation Program: Session 5

Making Extraordinary Decisions...

Extraordinary Self Transformation Program: Session 6

Dealing with others along the way...

Extraordinary Self Transformation Program: Session 7

Win/Win Solutions...

Extraordinary Self Transformation Program: Session 8

Lasting Integration...

Modules for this product 8
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